What the Heck's for Supper

Musings, recipes & jottings from Mary's kitchen table.

Stir Up Sunday

The Sunday before Advent is "Stir-up-Sunday" and this year it's 25th November – this Sunday!

Chaos & Cookbooks

Not a lot of cooking but an awful lot of dust!

I'm Game if You Are

As I sit and write, I am surrounded by cookery books, old and new, to find out more about these strange little game birds that taste so delicious

Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry season is nearly upon us so roll up your sleeves, gather your pots and let's get picking!

Harvest at Hill House Farm

Harvest time has arrived at Hill House Farm and leaves me reminiscing of harvests from my childhood.

August Glut

August is a month of plenty, with so much ripe and ready to pick in vegetable gardens and allotments.

Daily Bread

Focaccia is a wonderfully versatile bread that can be transformed by all manner of flavourings and toppings. 

Intolerant Gourmet comes to Hill House Farm

An eye opening cooking session on all things gluten, dairy and egg free.

Short Season Spears

One of the best ways to capture the colour and flavour of British asparagus with this simple soup recipe. 

Think Pink

A beautiful way to serve the season's finest local rhubarb. Whether from your own garden or local producer, this is a great way to showcase the gorgeous pink fruit.