A few of my favourite artists and galleries from our region, well worth visiting their websites.

My sister, Rachael Long, who's work is featured on the header of this page. Rachael is a Norfolk artist who spent many years in Scotland where she became interested in using agricultural scrap metal to make her sculptures. Using these bits of iron creatively and with many hours of study drawings, she captures the movements and the character of the animals magnificently.

'I am fascinated by the skeleton and musculature of animals and birds. My challenge is to try transform redundant machine parts into a form that conveys the essence of living creatures.'

Fred Ingrams is a family friend and wonderful artist. Having studied at Camberwell and St. Martins Schools of Art and painting for ten years above the Coach & Horses pub in Soho, whilst exhibiting in many central London galleries, Fred moved to Norfolk in 1998, where he paints and draws both nudes and landscapes from life.

If you love art, you will love the PinkfootGallery based on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. If you visit the gallery you will find an stunning collection of some of the best ‘art inspired by nature’ in Britain. The Pinkfoot gallery represents a diverse collection of artists, collectively called ‘The Pinkfoot Artists’ Our work ranges from the abstract to the realistic, from oils to encaustic techniques and from prints to porcelain. We have a large part of the gallery dedicated to sculpture, including amazing woodcarvings to a large bird and animal bronze collection. Robin Boutell's bronzes are a particular favourite and I am always hoping to add to my own collection of his work.

Another incredible Norfolk artist is Rachel Lockwood. Rachel is a contemporary painter based in Cley next the Sea. Born in Sheffield in 1966, for the last 15 years, this beautiful part of the coast has become her adopted home. Rachel's work is influenced by her surrounding landscape and the wildlife that lives within it.